Hi, I'm Aldo πŸ‘‹

I make accessible design for everyone in need.

βœ‹ Quick brief about me

πŸŽ“ A computer science graduate

✨ Figma wizard in the making (currently 2 years)

πŸ€” Problem oriented

🎯 Main design goal: Informative, Inclusive, Accessible

❀️ Recent Projects

Written in Bahasa Indonesia

Informasi simpang siur yang dibuat menjadi informatif dan terstruktur.

A strategy to more professional yet informative campaign in newsletter.

Laruye - Graphic Design Agency

(Coming Soon)

Unameitdesserts - Low Calorie Dessert

(Coming Soon)

Iynventory - Personal Branding

(Coming Soon)

πŸ‘€ Want to build something awesome together?

I'm open for freelance work. From interfaces, social media asset, landing pages for personal or business. Get in touch with me!

I do volunteering as well, sometimes.