CekAja Newsletter Redesign

July 2021 - An attempt to more professional design, by exploring what you have.


As a the only Graphic Designer, I was requested to design various e-mail campaign with different theme and different affiliate products everyday. The problem is, the stakeholder was always disagree with my design. Since their brief is not too specific and always criticize based on their subjectivity--- hence, inconsistent designs were made.

Gathering Requirement

To synchronize our mind, we held a few meeting regarding the design decision. From there, I conclude some request that would fulfill the stakeholder:

  1. At first they stated that the color should be appealing and colorful.

  2. They want the detail, ornament, blobs or anything that would make the design doesn't have enough space to breathe

  3. Sometimes they want to change the hero/illustration image mostly because they don't like it

  4. They want a bigger font and highlight on appealing wording (Cashback, Promo, Discount)

  5. A smaller, compact e-mail is desired


After a few meetings, I was able to sketch some ideas and held a pitch meeting about the design. Some of them are (respectively, to each problem):

  1. After a lot of discussion, we agreed separate the color into Primary Color of CekAja (white) and then the Secondary color from each affiliate (e.g AXA Insurance with #00008F Blue based on their logo). The final result is colorful and unique to each affiliate. Approved.

  2. Since they don't like too many white space, I decided to put stock image and put it behind the heading. Looks good and effortless.

  3. Turns out they see stock photo is more professional than illustration. Carry on.

  4. Appealing words are now bigger and bolder, my opinion is the writer should find the right wording to highlight.

The result is not really the final iteration. Since problem number 5 is not yet solved.


From the first iteration, I developed a compact version of it.

  • First step I shrink the header so it doesn't take a lot of space

  • Then put the CTA aligned to the left so it's easier to read

  • By scanning from up to bottom, seems like it doesn't make sense to serve CTA after the title headline.

  • It's more make sense to put it right after the paragraph.

  • The second banner also redesigned to be more like a banner.

(Probably) The Last Iteration

The result is a unique newsletter with the color matching to each affiliate, while still following the style of CekAja design. Hero stock image on the cover make it professional, the CTA button is appealing, and it's also colorful! The stakeholder also didn't have any problem with it.


Due to confidentiality reasons, the data provided will be limited. But mostly it has a lot of improvement. Also it depends on the theme and articles of each newsletter. The rate of recipient will open the e-mail gained from 8.02% to 12.3% (blue bar). The click rate is also fluctuating from 0.34% to 0.52% (red bar).

Final Thoughts

Though the engagement rate is increasing, the quality of the content must be maintained. But I believe the design and the readability of the content provided is also takes part to affect the engagement.